Waste Erase was the practical outcome of Laura’s Honours Degree titled “The Problem with Product Placement” The 8,000 word exegesis involved research into numerous areas outside of graphic design, including marketing, consumer behaviour and psychology. Throughout this research it became evident that the marketing and design of products (and their placement within stores) could lead to overconsumption and waste, particularly when considering food and plastic. 

Alongside this theoretical aspect of the project, a practical outcome was conceived with the aim to encourage users to reduce their waste through a range of activities and informational sources – Waste Erase was born.

The project involved in-depth research into existing waste initiatives and programs, as well as information searching to prepare copy for the design outcomes. A product name, logo, style guide and numerous designs such as a double sided poster, recipe cards and an information booklet were also produced. Alongside these printed materials was also a mobile app design, cooking videos, shopping checklist and packaging design. A final aspect of the Waste Erase kit was the seedling packets, containing a range of vegetables, herbs and fruits such as tomatoes, basil and strawberries. 

Waste Erase involved considerable research, brainstorming and design and consisted of illustration, photography and copywriting.

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